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Check out our latest blog post for our first South Indian wedding this year in Washington DC area! Indian Wedding at the Sheraton Premiere Tysons Corner, VA.

Avanti and Sunil’s wedding was a ton of fun! We spent around 19 hours with them for their wedding day! We first stared by photographing Avanti’s Gauri Puja around 7am. It was a small puja for her with her close family. After the puja was over, it was time for her to get ready for her ceremony. The wonderful Sonia Iqbal (who was also to become one of my future brides to be photographed for her wedding) was ready to do Avanti’s make up and hair. After Sonia did her magic, Avanti’s aunts and close relatives began get her ready. It was crowded and very fun to photograph because so much was happening at once. While I photographed Avanti getting ready, my wife Kanis and our 3rd photographer Darling (of Darling Photographers) was already with Sunil, photographing his Ceremony and all the details.

After Avanti was ready, we snapped a few photographs of her and with her bridal party while we were waiting for Sunil’s ceremony to end. The ceremony began by Avanti being carried inside a basket by her uncles. At first Sunil and Avanti did not see each other as they were holding a large fabric to cover Sunil from seeing Avanti and from Avanti, seeing Sunil. Soon after, the cloth was removed and they were both held high in to the air facing each other. They were teasing each other by trying to put garlands on each other. They both made it harder as they dodged each other from being able to put the garlands on.

They were quickly walked to the swing where their ceremony began. After some of their rituals, they were moved to mandaap (stage) to continue the ceremony. The ceremony was a few hours and many important things took pace during that time and we had to be very careful we did not miss anything important. But we were an amazing team, photographing from all directions to ensure everything was captured during the ceremony, which was very important to Avanti’s parents.

As with most weddings, the ceremony ended a little later than expected so we did not have much time for family photographs. The family made their way to have lunch. Avanti & Sunil had very little time to get ready for their reception and their photo shoot before the reception. Again, Sonia did her magic with Avanti’s make up. The three of us were now working together at the same room, dividing up to do multiple things, such as the details for their outfits, photographing Sunil getting ready and Avanti getting ready, all at the same time.

I began taking photos of Avanti & Sunil for their photo shoot as Darling began to take photos of the details quickly before guests began to walk into the reception hall. The photo shoot went amazingly well! I had an idea where I wanted to photograph Sunil as a “bartender” and Avanti being girl to order her drink. The folks at the Sheraton Premiere (Tysons Corner) were wonderful and had no problem letting us do that! They let Sunil be behind the bar for the photo shoot as they watched.

After our amazing photo shoot, we went into the reception where lots of family portraits were taken, along with speeches, dances and cake cutting took place, the usual for most wedding receptions. Avanti & Sunil had a choreographed dance they had practiced. It was slow and sweet and made everyone fall in love with them! After their first dance, DJ Lucky rocked the rest of the nigh with some fist pumping music!

Thank you Avanti, Sunil and both of your families for treating us like family during one of your most memorable days of your lives! We really appreciate it!

This will be a LONG post with LOTS of photos!

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