NYE in NYC 2013! Our First Expience Watching The NYC Ball Drop!

It was a very last minute plan I came up with to go to NYC to watch the ball drop and luckily Kanis got NYE off from work. I always wanted to do it but never really took the opportunity to do it. I’m glad we waited though because it was perfect! The trip began by getting an AWESOME deal at the Marriott Marquis on Time Square! We got to our hotel on Saturday (December 30th) and we checked in to the hotel. We had a partial view of the ball drop and we could see it going up and down as they were testing to make sure everything goes smoothly for the big show.

As we were driving to New York, we were reading about all the rules and regulation to watch the ball drop. The more we (well, Kanis) read the more we got scared.

1. It was going to be extremly cold
2. Standing in line early in the morning to get in
3. Once we were in Time Square, we couldn’t leave, and if we did, we lost our spot. Which also meant, we couldn’t go to the bathroom. This was the biggest worries for us, more than anything else. Time Square does not have any portable bathrooms during NYE event.

But we were on a mission and we didn’t care, till we got to NYC. We realized how freezing cold it was, and that was just during the day time. For the first time, I had to find thermal to wear under my jeans. Once we had that covered, we walked aroudn that evening, to see how we’d feel in the cold weather. It didn’t bother us to be honest. But of course, there was that issue, not being able to leave to use the bathroom.

We realized, we needed another plan. We started looking for places we could get into, to watch the balldrop. Being that it was last minuted, we couldn’t find a venue that were not already sold out. We also found some offers online that were not sold out; “ALL ACCESS PASS FOR NYE!” and it just seemed too good to be true. As we did more research, we realized that it was nothing but people trying to scam tourists.

So back to square 1, standing outside all day and getting in line early AM on the 31st.

We decided it was time for dinner and Kanis found a place called Ruby Foo’s on 1531 Broadway. Which was a blog away from our hotel. When we entered, it looked beautiful! As we began to order, I asked our server, if she had been working there for long, and if she knew how quickly the line filled up outside to watch the ball drop. I am EXTREMELY glad I asked that question because her response was: “I’m not really sure, but it’s crazy! People stand for hours and get in line really early AM…..but hey, if you guys want I can let you speak with our manager and we’re having a special event tomorrow night here to watch the balldrop!!”


We forgot all about our food and we wree more busy trying to reserve couple spots for us. Amy, who was the manager at Ruby Foo’s went over the entire contract and their menu for the event. We were sold on the spot. We just couldn’t believe how lucky we were at that point.

When we got there in the morning, the preparation was just about to begin.

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time Square

Never seen this bus before but it was pretty interesting. All the tourists sat sideways with a huge view as the bus rolled around the city.

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC

As it turned dark, the roads began to close and blocked off for 31st night.

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYCNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC

We were on the big Forever 21 TV Screen! I was taking pictures of us on TV.

While walking back to our hotel, we ran into a few people that wanted a group picture.

The Marriott Marquis, where we stayed for the night.

This was the view from our room. It wasn’t as good as we had when we stayed in 2010 for 4th of July.

The following night, we began to make our way to the restaurant and walked passed this HUGE line of people that have been standing there all day.

Lots of cool decorations inside Ruby Foo’s!

We met a really cool couple, Mandeep and Manmeet that sat next to us. It was Mandeep’s birthday so everyone inside the restaurant sang him a Happy Birthday. We were surrounded by really nice people and had a blast for 3 hours, while waiting for the ball to drop.

Around 11:40pm, we all made our way to the streets. We stood outside between the blocked off lines, where people stood all day. We had our own space in between, which was really cool. I’m sure people that stood in line all day wondered where a few hundred people just came from in between.

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time SquareNYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time Square

After the show was over, people were taking pictures, holding one another, kissing, being happy to be at Time Square to view the ball drop. Most seemed like tourists.

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time Square

I began to move around between the space we had to capture a few emotions from people, and came across these couples. I gave them my card after so they could have their pictures to remember this night forever.

This has to be my favorite picture of the night. They were so happy when I showed them this picture. They couldn’t thank me enough!

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time Square

After a few minutes, we went back inside ahd relaxed a bit till the crowd began to dissapear. Kanis danced with a few others. I don’t really dance so it felt like I was covering a reception, taking pictures of people dancing.

The restaurant gave away all their balloons to their guests wo we had a bit fun with it outside.

These girls wanted them and well, we weren’t going to walk with it all the way back to our car so we just let them have them after they took pictures with me.

Well, I guess they couldn’t hold on to the ballons for long!

As the streets got empty, it got more windy, as you can tell by looking at Kanis’s face.

The aftermath…..

NYE Ball Drop 2013 NYC Time Square

So there’s our story. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our experience and have a wonderful experience of your own! The pictures are a bit different because normally I use flash during weddings, but being that we were in NYC, I opted to take my external flash with me, which I think would have made me look goofy. But the Canon 5d Mark III handled really well with available light and I was pretty impressed with it for our travel.

Now we’re back to DC for a few days and flying to West Palm Beach, FL on Saturday for a week! We have a busy year ahead of us and we can’t wait to photograph these wonderful new couples!!!!


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  • WahidJanuary 2, 2013 - 11:11 am

    Dang Bro… your blogs are mindlessly entertaining, but this one kinda trumps e’m all.. The first shot and I was hooked..
    Sure looks like one heckuva freezing nite, but the emotions are amazingly captured.. Couldn’t be a better way for a photographer to make giant strides in their career!

    Kudos on the extraordinary work! Here’s hoping to see lots more of this! Cheers!ReplyCancel

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  • farahJanuary 3, 2013 - 2:24 pm

    Great pictures!!! So many emotions, and such detailed coverage. I love the holiday bus, never saw that one before!ReplyCancel

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  • SabaJanuary 3, 2013 - 10:32 pm

    Amazing Pictures Mo! So much color and detail, feels like I was there.ReplyCancel

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